Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty Flowers

I spent the good part of my afternoon taking pictures of a beautiful little baby to show case a line of headbands I am creating. As the mother of two young boys I never get to knit pretty, frilly, girly things. So I am so excited to be able to have an out let for that desire! The headbands I've been working on have been inspired by the flood of flowers I've seen in fashion recently. I've also been inspired by my own frugal nature. If I had a little girl I would want to have her fully accessorized for every outfit, but I wouldn't want to spend an insane amount of money doing it. Out of these two trains of thoughts I decided to see if I could make a headband collection that included interchangeable flowers. After quite a few attempts and some interesting results I was finally able to come up with a functional and pretty line of bands.

I wanted the headbands to be able to grow with a child, so I included an elastic band in the back of the head that is hidden in a casing. Then after a fun afternoon of button shopping I found the most ideal and cute way to secure the flowers to the bands. The next step was to make a few sizes of bands and as many flowers that my imagination could think up. I'm quite please with the results and am looking forward to finding more pretty flowers to crochet and knit.


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